President Trump retweeted an image that compared a sketch of the man Stormy Daniels claimed threatened her with a photo of her husband:

We’re NOT suggesting that her husband, Brendon Miller, is the suspect, but we’re reporting on the fact that Stormy was accused by social media users of recreating Miller, a man whose facial features she’s likely most familiar with, when she gave a description of the alleged suspect she claimed intimidated her.

“…She might have gotten a little confused while talking to the sketch artist,” TMZ suggested. “Fact is, the suspect sketch IS a dead ringer for Brendon … the porn actor who married Stormy in 2010, mind you.”

“So, he was on the scene when the alleged threat went down in Las Vegas.”

“Naturally, Stormy’s archenemy, Prez Trump ain’t buying anything about the sketch,” TMZ added.

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