Mitt Romney is a choke artist who’s afraid of Jeb Bush, Donald Trump said during a Thursday speech in Portland, Maine.

Trump lashed out against Romney after the former GOP nominee attacked him earlier today:

Mitt ran probably what was the worst run most people have seen because most people thought the Republican candidate would win. So when Mitt starting raising his head a few months ago, I was very strong: I said Mitt Romney should not run, he’s a choke artist, and I said it very strongly.

…And then Jeb Bush actually convinced Mitt not to run [again in 2016], can you imagine that? Jeb, Jeb Bush told him!

See, Jeb is a good salesman! Now that he’s out, I’ll say Jeb is a good salesman, right? He’s a high-energy salesman, but Mitt was afraid of Jeb because he was afraid that Jeb would get the money and Jeb what get whatever… but I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t afraid of Jeb, I can tell you that.

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