Donald Trump is taking Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton to task after she told a group of reporters she “short circuited” when she said FBI Director James Comey characterized her remarks about her private email server as “truthful.”

In a rare press conference with Hispanic and black journalists in DC yesterday, the former First Lady was dumbfounded when asked about her mischaracterization of Comey’s remarks and how it was undercutting her trustworthiness in the eyes of the American people.

“I may have short-circuited, and I will try to clarify,” Clinton said.

Capitalizing on the true display of incompetence, Trump went on the offensive claiming Hillary’s comments were proof she is unfit for the presidency.

The Trump campaign also created a devastating ad centering around Hillary’s latest remarks, along with a Facebook message calling her out as a “PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.”

“There is absolutely NO DOUBT that Crooked Hillary is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR,” Trump said. “Even the liberal media is calling her out! She’s a security risk and admits she ‘short circuited’ — UNBELIEVABLE! There is no question she is COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED to be President. ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬”

According to Trump, Hillary’s words could sway public opinion in his favor.

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