Having stolen the narrative away from the Democrats this week, Trump is not done yet, doubling down today on his Putin pandemonium…

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump says Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “doing a better job” than President Obama.

“I said he’s a better leader than Obama because Obama’s not a leader,” Trump said in an interview aired Thursday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.” “He’s certainly doing a better job than Obama is, that’s all.”

Trump stressed improved relations with Russia during the discussion with host Brian Kilmeade.

“Now look, you have to understand, Putin – if we could get along with Russia, I think that would be a good thing, not a bad thing. We don’t get along with Russia. We practically don’t get along with too many.”

Trump blamed much of the current tension on Obama, noting Russian aircraft buzzing U.S. military ships.

“You know why they do that?” he asked. “They have no respect for our leader. They have zero respect for our leader. That’s why they do that.”

With all the bluster this week about well Obama and the Democrats have done.. “your 401(k)s have recovered”, we thought this was helpful too…

And Trump’s rhetoric appears to be working…

Despite President Obama’s oration and the “treasonous, traitor” Trump narrative, The Donald has extended his lead over Hillary in the latest USC/LA Times poll (taken after Obama’s speech) and Hillary’s lead in one state – Oregon – is down to 3 points (where Obama won by 12% in 2012 and 16% in 2008. Dems have not lost there since ’88, but now it’s in play. h/t @pierpont_morgan)

But tonight is the big night with Hillary speaking… we are sure that will help, right?

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