Are people ever going to realize that Fox News — excluding Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham — is just as bad as the rest of the fake news media?

From Fox News:

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace told that he is viewed as a “beacon for repression around the world” because of his repeated attacks against the press.

Wallace made the statement to Trump while conducting a sit-down interview with the president that was aired on Sunday. In it, Wallace pressed Trump about his rhetoric in regard to the media, noting that most presidents haven’t like the coverage of their administrations.

“No president has liked his press coverage … Nobody called it the enemy of the American people,” Wallace said.

“The fake news is the enemy — it’s fake, it’s phony,” Trump replied, before claiming that he doesn’t mind negative press coverage if he gets something wrong.

But Wallace pushed Trump on the topic, saying that “leaders in authoritarian countries like Russia, China, Venezuela, now repress the media using your words.”

After Trump said he can’t speak for other countries, Wallace stated that “you’re seen around the world as a beacon for repression.”

Trump continued to double down, saying that the coverage of him was “largely phony.”

Our fake news media have been working in concert with criminal leakers in our unelected deep state to overthrow our democratically elected president for over two years now.

They’ve successfully managed to sabotage much of his presidency and keep the same crooked Washington establishment in control of the levers of power.

They’re also the chief advocates of shutting down the free press in America. As Tucker Carlson highlighted last week, CNN lobbied for and succeeded in getting Alex Jones banned from nearly the entire internet, right before the midterms.

Every day they’re lobbying for other independent voices — on the right and the left — to be silenced in the name of fighting “racism,” “sexism,” “transphobia,” “Islamophobia,” “Russkie meddling” and so on.

CNN ran an article in August saying Alex Jones’s speech is “hate speech” which constitutes “a form of terrorism.”

As CNN opinion contributor Rafia Zakaria said, “[The decision to ban Alex Jones] is a step forward in recognizing that hate outlets, such as InfoWars, are complicit in domestic terror…”

Incidentally, despite Fox News actually going in a pretty decent direction with their top hosts the last two years, Gabriel Sherman reported before the election in 2016 that Rupert Murdoch’s son James Murdoch, who he let take over the family business, “is, by my reporting, extremely turned off and horrified by the concept of a Trump presidency, and he sees the politics of the right-wing populism fueled by Fox News as a catalyst that allowed Trump to become the Republican nominee.”

They tried shifting left with Megyn Kelly and others but ended up losing in the ratings to MSNBC for the first time in years so they were forced to change course.

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