Katrina Pierson, the spokeswoman for Donald Trump, told CNN if Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t back the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, then he is not fit to lead the House of Representatives.

On Thursday, Ryan said he is not yet ready to back Trump.

“I hope to though and I want to,” said Ryan. “But what is required is to unify this party. And the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee.”

Ryan was taken by surprise when Trump won Indiana and Ted Cruz dropped out. He had prepared for a contested convention and an effort to thwart Trump’s momentum.

Politico reported:

Ryan never expected Trump to lock up the nomination so quickly. He didn’t think Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would drop out of the race in May. In fact, Ryan’s orbit was preparing for a contested convention in Cleveland, where he is slated to serve as chairman, effectively the emcee of the Trump coronation.

The decision was made quickly. The next day, he would go on CNN and make it official, in no uncertain terms.

“I think what a lot of Republicans want to see is that we have a standard-bearer that bears our standards,” he told Jake Tapper in the bombshell interview that was taped shortly before it aired on Thursday afternoon.

Donald Trump told Fox News he plans to meet with the leader of the party and hammer out any differences.

Meanwhile, the conservative corporate media and blogosphere are leaning on Ryan and the RNC to embrace Trump and unify ahead of the election and a pitched battle with the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

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