Trump supporters coming to a impromptu rally organized by the president’s campaign outnumber the Paris Accord activists who likely had more time to prepare their protest:

The Trump campaign called for a “Pittsburgh, Not Paris” rally late Friday night to emphasize the president’s reasoning behind rejecting the Paris Accord was to place the American workers before the globalist agenda.

“The rally, named after Mr. Trump’s remark about representing ‘citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris’ when announcing he was ripping up the Obama-era agreement, was organized by the Republican Party of Fairfax Country, Virginia, in the D.C. suburbs,” reported the Washington Times. “The Trump campaign urged the president’s supporters in the area to attend the event Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon across from the White House in Lafayette Square.”

The Trump supporters dwarfed the climate change activists at the time of this writing, which of course highlights how the decision to leave the Paris accord wasn’t actually Trump’s, but rather the American people who propelled Trump to the White House.

In the afternoon, Trump supporters are expected to show up at another pro-Trump rally, this time outside the Bilderberg Group meeting at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, just outside DC:

As I reported yesterday, the goal of the Paris climate agreement was entirely political: the globalists are trying to scare the world’s population into believing “global warming” is too big of a threat for their country to handle alone and thus it can only be “defeated” through the expansion of unelected, global bureaucracies at the expense of their nation’s sovereignty and economic power.

If the Paris accord was actually meant to save the environment, the globalists would be happy to renegotiate the deal with President Trump.

Instead, they’re treating the Paris Accord as economic terms of surrender which the US cannot reject.

That explains why proponents of “man-made global warming” are primarily globalist politicians and establishment scientists funded by them.

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