A man spouting Nazi slogans disrupted a Donald Trump rally on Wednesday evening, but Trump supporters shouted him down and eventually escorted him out of the Reno, Nevada rally.

The man, who claimed to be 25-years-old and identified himself to CNN and other sources as Brady Garrett, arrived at the rally wearing a camouflage baseball cap and a seemingly brand new “State of Jefferson” T-Shirt. He carried small signs with supposed white supremacist slogans on them, and was quickly surrounded by members of the media excited to report on the incident.

However, David Martosko of the Daily Mail was skeptical, noting that the man had behaved in a “suspicious” manner:

“Pepé” (sic) is likely a reference to Pepe the Frog, the “alt-right” meme that has been classified as a “hate symbol” by the ADL.

The man reportedly began spouting racist rhetoric and told reporters he was fine with Ivanka Trump being Jewish, but then insisted Hitler’s Nazis did not kill six million Jews during the Holocaust in World War Two, according to reports.

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