SNL decided to change up their routine from nonstop anti-Trump rhetoric to targeting leftist SJWs.

The comedy bit, which aired Saturday, is about three scientists who are showing investors their new invention that allows dogs to speak to humans.

One of the scientists uses her own dog to show the invention in action.

The scientists and investors are shocked when the dog declares his support for Donald Trump, asking, “Did you know your dog likes Trump?”

The dog continues to back President Trump while being told, “No! You don’t like Trump!” and “You’re just a dog, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

SNL’s canine star replies, “It’s just that kind of condescending attitude that got Trump elected in the first place.”

Eventually one of the investors pulls out her gun to shoot the dog, to which he responds, “Oh for God’s sake, I can’t even have a conversation without you liberal snowflakes…”, but he is cut-off by his owner who tells him to shut up.

The skit ends when the investors are so triggered they have to get up and leave, saying, “That dog is a problem.”

Admittedly, making fun of liberals is extremely easy, but it’s also rare for SNL to do so.

Are they running out of anti-Trump skit ideas or do they realize mocking SJWs will attract a new audience?

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