While Democrats and their talking heads continue to directly blame the President for the El Paso shooting, and literally label him a neo-nazi, Trump told reporters Wednesday that he does not blame Elizabeth Warren, or any Democrats for the Dayton shooting, which was carried out by a left wing extremist.

While Warren and other Democrats went low, Trump took the high ground and noted that the only person responsible in any mass shooting is the mentally disturbed shooter.

That’s a far cry from what Warren and the other Democrats are saying, even though the Ohio shooter was a Warren supporter.

Can the Democrats go any lower?

Even CNN and the Washington Post have penned articles noting that blaming Trump or his supporters instead of the deranged shooters is ridiculous.

Trump was also in Dayton Wednesday, where he was warmly recieved by first responders and families of those affected.

Here are some pictures and footage of the grown ups:

MSNBC was shocked that people reacted positively toward the President.

Not everyone is a f*cked up permanently triggered Antifa supporting loon, that’ll be one reason.

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