President Donald Trump berated the FBI and Justice Department on Saturday, accusing the agencies of “stalling” and “slow walking” the handover of documents to Congress.

“What does the Department of Justice and FBI have to hide?” Trump asked in a mid-afternoon tweet.

“Why aren’t they giving the strongly requested documents (unredacted) to the HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE? Stalling, but for what reason? Not looking good!” he wrote.

He added in another tweet that House Judiciary Committee members were “angrily accusing” the Justice Department of missing a deadline set for Thursday to hand over 1.2 million documents related to several different matters. The committee requested documents about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, about the FBI and DOJ’s applications for surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, as well as a report from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility recommending the firing of Andrew McCabe as the FBI’s deputy director.

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