The neocons are furious with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. He refuses to call for military interventionism like all the other Republican candidates (with the exception of Rand Paul, who is now out of the race) and says Iraq and Libya are a mess because of American foreign policy.

There is little difference between the parties on foreign policy. Hillary Clinton is as belligerent or more so than her Republican rivals. As Secretary of State she oversaw the destruction of Libya and the slaughter of 100,000 Libyans. She chortled on national television about the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi, a man who was not a threat to the United States.

Both Cruz and Rubio are interventionists. In September Ted Cruz advocated killing Ali Khamenei, the ayatollah of Iran. Cruz likes to portray himself as a moderate on interventionism, and yet his team includes the cofounder of the Chertoff Group and a former CIA director connected to the now largely defunct Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a think tank with an agenda formulated by top neocons William Kristol and Robert Kagan. Ted’s foreign policy team also includes Elliot Abrams, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and the son-in-law of Norman Podhoretz, a trailblazing neoconservative ideologue.

Marco Rubio is the darling of the neocon clique. He advocates a unilateral first strike on Iran as a “preventive measure” in response to nuclear weapons the country does not have. In December he went full neocon on Fox News (the appropriate forum) and said as president he would disregard national sovereignty on a global scale and rendition suspected terrorists and give them “a one-way ticket to Guantanamo” where they will be tortured until they “tell us everything they know about plots past, present, and the ones they’re planning for the future.”

Clinton, Cruz and Rubio get foreign policy advice from Beacon Global Strategies, a firm founded in 2013 by former senior officials from the State Department, Department of Defense, and Central Intelligence Agency. Its client base consists primarily of military contractors.

So-called “defense contractors” have a vested interest in making sure one of the establishment’s handpicked triumvirate is ultimately selected and manufactured “global security threats” continue. According to a report generated by the accounting firm Deloitte, “revenue growth” is “expected to take a positive turn” due to the terrorism and war in the Middle East and the tensions in Eastern Europe and the South China Sea, The Intercept reported in January.

Candidate Trump’s take on interventionism is a departure from the rest of the field committed to the establishment and the military-industrial complex. Although many of his proposed solutions to a number of issues appear to be reactionary and often authoritarian, his take on the forever war agenda and the foreign policy of the establishment is encouraging.

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