A CNN panel melted down during a segment analyzing President Trump’s potential Supreme Court Justice nominee.

CNN political analyst Brian Karem suggested on Tuesday that the prospect of a new conservative judge on the Court makes him “nauseous.”

“This is Trump the destroyer in action,” Karem said. “I mean, this is the man who wants to tear down everything.”

“New Day” host John Berman reminded Karem that Trump’s list of judges is pretty standard as far as Republican judges go, and the same list would likely be under consideration if Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) or Ted Cruz (R-TX) were president.

“Now you’re just trying to make me nauseous, aren’t you?” Karem responded.

The left has been especially irate over the impending nomination because they know it will solidify a conservative-leaning Supreme Court for a generation.

Last week, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore called for a million people to surround the Capitol building to prevent a Senate vote on the SCOTUS nominee.

Trump is set to announce his decision for a Justice on Monday, and has already narrowed his list down to about four candidates.

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