GOP nominee Donald Trump took a direct swipe at the corporate media in a speech Wednesday night, telling supporters that the press is “rigged” against him.

Speaking about the over the top reaction to his remarks earlier in the week regarding Hillary Clinton being “stopped” by “Second Amendment people”, Trump pulled no punches.

“Look at the way they covered the story yesterday,” Trump said in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“Was that disgusting? The media is rigged. It’s crooked as hell.”

Trump has regularly accused the DNC of rigging the political system against Bernie Sanders, for Hillary Clinton, and has warned that voting in the general election may also be rigged.

This time it was the media, however, that was the focus of Trump’s rigging accusations.

“The media is the biggest rigger of all,” Trump said.

“The media is unbelievably dishonest. I would actually say the media is almost as crooked as ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton.” Trump added.

In a later appearance on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” Trump expanded on the comments, saying that the American people have been “smart” not to buy into false narratives generated by the “biased” media.

“[H]ow smart the people of this country are because they are reading false narratives. They’re reading false newspaper articles and seeing false things on television. I mean, really biased reporting.” Trump said.

“And you know, here I am. I’m sitting here in a very close race and what will be and what already is shaping up to be a very close race. So, the people are so smart. They get it. They really get it. And they are seeing it more and more. And I think they are going to get — I think they are going to get a great lesson. And it’s not a fair situation. It’s a rigged situation. In a certain way it’s rigged by the media, if you think about it.” Trump added.

Trump also took aim at Clinton during the Florida speech, saying that “Her temperament is the temperament of a loser.”

I don’t like her temperament,” he said, declaring “My temperament’s going to win for us. It was always my strength.”

“I don’t like her temperament because she’s weak. We need somebody who knows how to win.” Trump added.

Clinton had earlier reacted to the ludicrous accusations that Trump was suggesting she should be taken out by gun owners. Indeed, Hillary perpetuated the idea.

“Yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from Donald Trump that cross the line,” Hillary said during a rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

“His casual cruelty to a gold star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons,” the Democratic presidential nominee added. “And now his casual inciting of violence. Every single one of these incidents shows us that Donald Trump simply does not have the temperament to be commander-in-chief.” Clinton stated.

Later Wednesday, Trump took up issue with CNN host Don Lemon, who continued the talking point that Trump was inciting violence during an heated interview with Florida Republican congressional candidate Dan Bongino, who defended Trump.

“It’s clear he’s trying to motivate people to go out and vote based on the potential for an open Supreme Court seat,” Bongino noted, saying that Lemon “didn’t come into this with a clear and open mind” and that he has a preconceived idea that Trump likes to incite violence.

“What you’re saying right now makes no sense,” Lemon replied.

“I’m sitting at home, I’m watching Donald Trump. I have two ears and I have two eyes and I can see the reactions of people behind me. We’re not stupid,” Lemon said.

“We’re just supposed to be stupid enough not to understand that and to believe the spin coming from the surrogates and from people like you?” Lemon charged. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“I’m ashamed that you’re talking to me as if I’m a child,” Bongino retorted.

“You don’t know crap about this, Don, you’re a TV guy! I was a Secret Service agent. Now cut off my mic! Do what you wanna do,”Bongino declared.

Trump tweeted out the video of the exchange and called Lemon “lightweight” and “dumb as a rock.”

Trump also took a swipe at MSNBC’s Morning Joe for remarks Joe Scarborough made about Trump “crossing a bloody line” with his Clinton comments.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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