Prosperity will return to the U.S. and Mexico if both countries work together on trade and illegal immigration, Donald Trump said in a speech with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto which promoted the nationalism of both countries over globalism.

After meeting with President Nieto in Mexico City for hours to discuss a variety of issues – and to mend their past differences – Trump said the first step both countries should take is ending illegal immigration.

“Not just between our two countries but including the illegal immigration and migration from Central and South Americans and from other regions which impact security and finances in both Mexico and the United States,” Trump stated. “This is a humanitarian disaster: the dangerous treks, the abuse by gangs and cartels, and the extreme physical dangers – and it must be solved  quickly.”

A secure border is the sovereign right of a nation that’s mutually beneficial, he added.

“Cooperation in achieving this shared objective – and it will be shared – of safety for all citizens is paramount to both the United States and to Mexico,” Trump pointed out.

He also said Mexico and the U.S. need to work together to revamp NAFTA so both countries can work together to compete in trade against the rest of the world.

“NAFTA is a 22-year-old agreement that must be updated to reflect the realities of today,” Trump stated. “There are many improvements that could be made that would make both Mexico and the United States stronger and keep industry in our hemisphere – we have tremendous competition from China and all over the world – keep it in our hemisphere.”

“Workers in both of our countries need a pay raise very desperately – in the United States it’s been 18 years wages have been going down.”

“There’s a lot of value that can be created for both countries by working beautifully together – and that I am sure will happen,” he added.

Since its implementation in 1994, NAFTA has fueled mass unemployment in Mexico, which has caused thousands of illegal immigrants to flood into the U.S. looking for jobs.

“There are no jobs [in Mexico] and NAFTA forced the price of corn so low that it’s not economically possible to plant a crop anymore,” Rufino Domínguez, the former coordinator of the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations, revealed. “We come to the U.S. to work because we can’t get a price for our product at home. There’s no alternative.”

Sin maiz, no hay pais: without corn, there is no country, as the Mexican saying goes.

NAFTA disrupted Mexico’s corn production so badly that 75,000 Iowa farmers were able to grow twice as much corn as 3,000,000 Mexican producers – and at half the cost because the U.S. maintained its corn subsidies under NAFTA.

That resulted in the mass migration of Mexican farm workers flowing into America.

“The big wave in illegal immigration from Mexico began in the 1980s, but it picked up strongly after NAFTA – that wasn’t unexpected,” NPR’s Tim Robbins reported.

Additionally, illegal immigration leads to not only unsafe migration but also human trafficking in the U.S. – and right now there’s more people enslaved now than at any time in human history.

“Modern slavery globally has become a $150 billion a year business, with an estimated $99 billion generated annually from commercial sexual exploitation and $51 billion from forced economic exploitation,” the Human 2020 project revealed.

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