After weeks of mystery, police in New York City have finally identified the man who placed the tombstone in Central Park that bore presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s name.

Brian A. Whiteley, 33, told the New York Times in an interview arranged by a publicist he had bought the stone and placed it in the park because he was simply “trying to remind Donald what type of legacy he’s leaving behind. And also leaving the date of the death open, alluding to the fact that there’s still time to change who he is.”

As WND previously reported, a tombstone bearing Trump’s name surfaced in Central Park in March, just on the heels of a rally to protest the billionaire businessman’s political ascension. The Gothamist first posted a photo of the stone on Twitter, which included an image of the Christian cross and Trump’s birth year, 1946, along with the text: “TRUMP, DONALD J., Made America Hate Again.”

Police were puzzled by where the stone, weighing in at 420 pounds, came from and who placed it in the park. But they learned the identity of the individual after reading Gothamist’s story on the tombstone, which included an interview with an “anonymous artist” and several photographs that placed the making of the stone in one of the city’s businesses, the New York Times reported.

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