As Hillary Clinton continues, almost a year later, to blame anyone and anything other than herself for losing the election, President Trump weighed in Wednesday night, tweeting at Hillary to let her know exactly ‘what happened’.

In another tirade of interviews to promote her book, Clinton made excuse after excuse, and told NBC news that in her humble opinion she did not make mistakes that cost her the election:

The President begged to differ:


During another interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, after they’d finished discussing yoga and breathing techniques (seriously), Hillary declared that the electoral system cost her the win, and said that it needs to be abolished.

“You mention winning the popular vote, obviously, multiple times in the book,” Cooper said, asking if Hillary feels the Electoral College needs to be gotten rid of.

“We’ve had several candidates, nominees, who have won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College,” Clinton answered. “What does that say? And it says that an anachronism that was designed for another time no longer works. We’ve moved toward one person, one vote, that’s how we select winners.”

“I think it needs to be eliminated. I’d like to see us move beyond it, yes,” she said.

Poor baby.

In actual reality, only 5 people have won the popular vote and lost the election in history. They were all Democrats.

Elsewhere in the interview, Clinton revealed that she is not willing to grant “absolution” to women who did not vote for her.

“What’s more common are people bursting into tears, welling up. I had a lot of that at my book signing yesterday.” Hillary said, adding that she cannot offer ‘comfort’ to those people.

“When it first started happening it was so soon after the election, and the election was so bizarre and close. It was hard for me to, you know comfort somebody who was coming to me and saying, ‘oh, I wish I’d done more,’ or ‘I’m sorry I didn’t vote.’ Because I think this was one of the most consequential elections that we have faced in a long time,” Hillary said.

“So no absolution,” Clinton repeated. “But of course I just hope people will take what happened this time seriously and being ready and willing to vote the next time.”

Finally, Cooper asked Hillary if she was harming the Democratic party by sticking around, trying to settle scores, and being in the public eye. She said no of course:

Seems like a lot of Democrats disagree with her though:

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