Republican candidate Donald Trump found a clever way to hijack popular culture Thursday by catching a “Crookèd Hillary” Pokèmon on Facebook.

A satire of the wildly popular “Pokèmon Go” mobile gaming app, Trump’s “Crookèd Hillary No” video shows Clinton being caught alongside his “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Once caught, stats featured next to the Crookèd Hillary creature reveal the Democratic candidate’s controversial background.

The Pokèmon type is listed as “Career Politician” while the number “30,000” is listed next to “Emails Deleted.”

“Often found lying to the American people, rigging the system, and sharing TOP SECRET emails,” a description reads.

According to the video, Crookèd Hillary’s next evolution – a term referring to a Pokèmon’s transformation into a stronger creature – will be “Unemployment.”

At the time of publishing, Clinton has not responded to the video.

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