President-elect Donald Trump trolled the mainstream media into unwittingly condemning Hillary Clinton by adopting her position on U.S. flag burning.

Trump tweeted this out early Tuesday morning, which sounds similar to the Flag Protection Act of 2005 then-Senator Hillary Clinton co-sponsored:

Text from Clinton’s 2005 bill:


Of course, the anti-Trump media who wanted Clinton in the White House started attacking him viciously – for something Clinton had, in fact, advocated:

This tweet from Atlantic correspondent David Frum is particularly ironic because, prior to the election, he penned an article entitled The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton:

But the leftist reporters conveniently forgot about Clinton’s 2005 bill which would have jailed protesters up to a year in prison for burning the US flag.


According to a Dec. 7, 2005 op/ed in the New York Times:

“Hillary Clinton is co-sponsoring a bill to criminalize the burning of the American flag. Her supporters would characterize this as an attempt to find a middle way between those who believe that flag-burning is constitutionally protected free speech and those who want to ban it, even if it takes a constitutional amendment. Unfortunately, it looks to us more like a simple attempt to have it both ways.”

The bill ultimately died quietly.

In essence, Trump has effectively baited the media into criticizing Clinton as she continues pushing for voter recounts with Jill Stein, despite the fact that recount deadlines have already past in several states.

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