After a porn star assured America she’s not in it for the money — then talked about all the “job offers” she’s getting by going public with her claims about Donald Trump — the president continued to ignore her.

Late Sunday night, Trump issued one tweet after “60 Minutes” aired its interview with Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford.

Trump’s tweet hailed a new book by Boston-based conservative radio talk-show host Howie Carr, titled “What Really Happened.”

“@HowieCarrShow just wrote a book which everyone is talking about. He was a great help. He is a veteran journalist who had a great influence in NH and beyond. He calls it the most amazing political campaign of modern times. The book is called, “What Really Happened.” Enjoy! #MAGA”

In her “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper, Daniels said she had sex with Donald Trump only once, in July 2006.

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