Infowars’ $20K “Great CNN Meme War” contest is going strong.

Here are some the latest entries and memes from across the web. Enter for your chance to win!

Maestro Trump

Return of the Jedi – Trump edition

Top Gun Trump style

“Now you’re all in big, big trouble…”

Trump uses the Schwartz


Hockey clothesline

Trump v. Yosemite Sam

Charlie Brown tricked

Foghorn Trump





Watch the latest collection of memes from Infowars’ “Great CNN Meme War” contest!

To enter for your chance to win $20,000, send your submissions, complete with “” on all content, to [email protected]

Full contest rules available in the video below:

Infowars Launches 20K Meme Wars Contest

Devastating: Trump Responds To The Great CNN Meme War!

The Great CNN Meme War Has Begun! Best Of CNN Dank Memes Vol 1

CNN Gets Pummeled: Great CNN Meme War Entries Vol 3

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