Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

In an appearance on CNBC Thursday, Trump called Obamacare a “total failure,” adding that “The Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed and replaced.”

“If you go back to when this was originally passed, and this was long before I thought about running for President, I said 2016 and particularly 2017 is going to be a total disaster for our country.” Trump said on Squawk Box.

“I said whoever is President is going to have a problem, because the numbers are going to be staggering, not only for people, not only for insurance companies, but for the country. Look at the kind of numbers we’re talking for the country.” Trump urged.

“The country cannot afford it, people cannot afford it, it’s good for almost no one… we have to get better than what we have right now, because what we have right now isn’t working. The premiums are going up 25, 35, 45 percent, and sometimes more than that.” Trump noted.

“Deductibles are going up to numbers that no one can even believe, you have to almost die to even use it.” an exasperated Trump said.

Turning to the economy more generally, Trump also declared that he will replace Janet Yellen as the chair of the Federal Reserve.

“I have nothing against Janet Yellen whatsoever. I think she’s been doing her job,” Trump said.

“I don’t know her. She’s a very capable person. People I know have a high regard for her. But she’s not a Republican,” he added.

“She’s not a person—when her time is up, I would most likely replace her because of the fact that I think it would be appropriate” he declared.

Further explaining his economic stance, Trump said he is for low interest rates in order to keep the $19 trillion national deficit spiraling further out of control.

“I’m a low interest rate person. If we raise interest rates, and if the dollar starts getting too strong, we’re going to have some very major problems.” Trump said.

“We’re paying a very low interest rate. What happens if that interest rate goes up 2, 3, 4 points?” he asked. “We don’t have a country.”

“The U.S. should refinance longer-term debt,” he added, referring to himself as “the king of debt”.

Turning to immigration, Trump claimed that his plans for a wall and a crack down on illegal immigration would not hamper the economy.

Trump added a warning that if he does not become President, the Supreme Court could end up over populated with liberals who would transform the US into a “totally different country” akin to Argentina or Venezuela.

Elsewhere in the interview, Trump said there is a 40 percent chance that his running mate will be one of his former GOP rivals.

Trump also hit out again at Hillary Clinton, calling her “disgraceful” and repeating the charge that she is being protected by the Democrats on the email scandal, and is likely to “skate away with it.”


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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