The delusions on the campaign trail are flailing around with a mounting flagrant disregard for truth after a significant portion of Trump’s support was deplatformed by naked totalitarianism in Silicon Valley.

Recently, Joe Biden, who is now leading the socialist democratic anti-rich white men party, whole heartedly agreed with the sheer nonsense spewing from a supporter mired in mainstream conspiracy theories and propagandized fear mongering.

What Biden’s supporters will soon learn, is that Biden is far more embedded in the dark world of pay-to-play foreign collusion than President Trump could ever be.

Democrats again rallied around their retelling of obstruction and Watergate-esque fantasies. Reading the Mueller report in a marathon display of denial.

Maybe now, after pouring over it for over 12 hours they will come to terms with the fact that after two years of their pseudo-patriotic Republic-crippling fraudulent witch hunt there was no collusion.

The left appears to be asleep at the wheel as they careen down a highway of hubris and embarrassment to certain doom. Meanwhile President Trump, for better or worse, still connects with the American Dream in all of its ragged glory.

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