In 1987, I published the first book in the field of Human Paleopsychology.

This approach is premised on two basic assumptions: First, human beings have an ancient and rich evolutionary history, and second, that ancient history is thoroughly involved in everything we feel, think and do personally, politically and morally. According to famed neuroscientist Paul MacLean, the human brain is composed of a primeval reptilian segment at the lowest level, a mammalian segment at mid-level and a human or neocortical segment at the highest level. I added the notion that we human beings are constantly “regressing down” or “progressing up” MacLean’s triune brain system in the natural flow of behavior.

The concept of “paleopolitics” is an obvious derivative of human paleopsychology. Indeed, we may easily infer that humans are, at base, political animals who obey more the law of the jungle than the pieties of high culture or the moral righteousness of the godly. Politics is selfish and egoistic, tribalistic and xenophobic to its core, and will readily go to war to win at any cost. It sells itself as “progressive” and of higher things yet most often operates in the gutters of human nature. Politics is not for fops, Pollyannas or the faint-hearted; it is internecine war by another name. It is the game of war, and only the true warriors win.

In the past 60 years or so, America has become progressively feminized, and the archetypal warrior male has virtually disappeared. However, some tough ladies have stepped in to fill the vacuum including Phyllis Schlafly, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin and many others. But how would any of these wonderful and strong women compete head-to-head in a private conference room with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, or the mullahs and emirs of the volatile Middle East? We have seen how poorly our current girly-man-in-chief, Barack Obama, has dealt with the world of violent supermales out there. From the dawn of time, mutual respect among warrior males is the coin of the realm in these matters.

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