The Trump campaign released a video in response to Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The video highlights the hypocrisy of the socialist candidate. It underscores the fact Sanders will now support globalist trade deals, and more war and mass murder.

Bernie Sanders has signaled his acceptance of Clinton’s lies, corruption, and her intimate connection to the very people he claims to oppose—the banksters on Wall Street.

The takeaway on Sanders’ endorsement is simple—establishment candidates, even those on the periphery of the Democrat party, cannot be trusted. Sanders has all along insisted he is not part of the system, and yet his fawning support for Clinton reveals he is in fact part of it.

Obama burned progressives with his “change” mantra. Instead of change, he stacked his administration with the same old CFR insiders. Not only did he continue the neocon wars of his predecessor, he expanded them. In essence, primarily on foreign policy, Barack Obama extended the Bush regime by eight years.

Liberals and progressives will apparently never figure it out. If a candidate runs under the Democrat party, he or she will invariably support the status quo.

If progressives were smart, they would form a third party.

Maybe they will next time around.

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