When President Trump announced that he was to donate $1 million to hurricane relief charities, leftists claimed that it was an empty promise, and it would never happen.

Then, when the White House quietly announced the charities that would be receiving the funds, leftists declared that it still wouldn’t actually happen, and that the charities were all ‘too Christian’ and ‘too white’.

Now, it has actually happened, the charities have the $1 million, and leftists are STILL spewing hate about it online.

Trump tweeted out a report from the Washington Examiner over the weekend, confirming that the $1 million dollars has landed into Hurricane Harvey relief funds. the President described it as “My great honor!”

Leftists were immediately triggered into a frothing frenzy of hate:


Some suggested that the report was fake news:

Except it was reported by The Hill, and just re-reported by The Washington Examiner.

Some STILL don’t believe that Trump actually donated the money:

Trump supporters noted that the last time snowflakes got a glimpse of the President’s tax returns, they were made to look like fools:

Again, these people sit behind their computers contributing nothing but hate and promoting nothing but division.

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