Take a trip through President Trump’s first six months in office and relive the epic victories one after another.

– Starting Construction of The Wall
– Implementing Travel Ban
– Five Year Lobbying Ban
– 1-In-2-Out Regulations
– Withdraw From TPP
– Starting Repeal of Obamacare
– Get NATO to Pay Fair Share
– $4 Trillion Added to Market
– Constitutionalist Supreme Court Judge
– Plan to Conquer Mars
– Halt Training Syrian Rebels
– Prevented Further Chemical Attacks
– Defeated ISIS
– Negotiate Ceasefire in Syria
– Be Friends with Everybody
– Reduce National Debt by $100 Billion
– Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord
– Help Fix Flint’s Water Supply
– Stand Up to N. Korea
– 70% Drop in Illegal Border Crossings
– Bomb the S**t Out of ISIS
– Over 25 Stock Market Records
– Unemployment Lowest in 16 Years
– Establish Space Marines


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