Donald Trump gained even more in the polls in the days leading up to Super Tuesday while Marco Rubio’s support collapsed.

Trump expanded his lead to 44% whereas Rubio dropped five points to 14% while Cruz now holds second place at 15%, according to a Morning Consult national survey of over 2,000 registered voters.

“If Rubio hoped that going negative on Trump in the most recent GOP debate and on the campaign stump would reap benefits with voters, it hasn’t resonated with our national respondents,” the poll service concluded.

In other words, every time Rubio attacks Trump, Trump’s lead grows, and similarly Fox News lost 50% of its support from Republicans by attacking Trump.

“Since the first GOP presidential debate last August, Fox News Channel seems to have lost its perception mojo with its core right-leaning audience,” a brand perception service reported. “By mid February, FNC’s perception by Republican adults 18 and over had reached its lowest point in more than three years, and has declined by approximately 50% since January of this year.”

“Coinciding with Trump’s rise to front-runner in the GOP presidential race, Fox News Channel has seen its perception by Republicans slide.”

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