In the lead up to President-elect Donald Trump’s election, 12 women came out and said that the New York businessman had sexually assaulted them. Many have remained silent since the election, and none have made it known that they seek to file a lawsuit against Trump for the alleged sexual assault.

Trump during the campaign called the women “liars” and said that after the election he will sue the women who had accused him of sexual assault. His transition team did not return a request for comment.

One of his sexual assault accusers Summer Zervos said in a press conference days after the election that she refuses to “be intimidated into silence.” And that she’d like for Trump to retract his statement saying she’s a liar.

Zervos is represented by attorney Gloria Allred, as are fellow accusers Karena Virginia, Jessica Drake, and Temple Taggart. Allred recently wrote in a piece for The Hollywood Reporter that if Trump does sue, his accusers will sue him for defamation and that’d he’d have to sit for a deposition. She added that if Trump “does not sue any of the accusers, it is possible someone will sue him first. We will just have to wait and see.”

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