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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Truth Rising

Another bluntly but truthfully states, “I’d be starting to shit in my pants if i was one of the murdering scum bags that had a hand in this. You can’t stop truth.”

Praise for the importance of the film came pouring in almost immediately after it was released last week.

The impact of the film has been a shot in the arm for 9/11 truth and a real incentive to expand our movement. As one viewer stated, “Watched it last night. Excellent production. It really motivated me to push on.”

“I am inspired!,” added another.

Alex Jones intended for the film to be a catalyst for other activists and budding film makers to continue in the genre and produce movies centered around grass roots activism, how it can be organized and the success it can achieve.

As one review stated, “Imagine other activists – especially budding video professionals akin to the next generation Dylan Avery’s coming out with their own videos to complement this. I see Jones putting out his work as a catalyst to inspire other dedicated activists to come out with material of their own.”


People have picked up on the fact that Truth Rising is intended to represent the next step in the organic growth of the movement, a film that will “change paradigms more so than any evidence-heavy, brilliant documentary because it shows the human side to this struggle, and that resonates more than logic,” as one viewer eloquently puts it.

Even some of Alex’s detractors put aside their differences to praise the movie, “Coming from a frequent critic who disagrees with AJ on many issues, I think this is Alex Jones’ best work,” states one.

“Wasn’t quite sure why Alex wanted to make this film before I saw it,” writes another, “Now I know why. This film deftly communicates what we all know, that the 911 Truth Movement is a heavyweight credible movement. It doesn’t just do it through facts and words, it communicates it from an intuitive tacit approach. And it succeeds.

“I give it a 5 Star. Cinema verite was the way to go. The theme wins on the high ground, as it definitely touches both hearts and minds with 9-11 questions, consequences and the urgent need for answers,” writes another viewer.

Overall, the feedback has been excellent and this is why we are more urgently than ever insisting people make copies and disperse them everywhere to swell our ranks and mirror what the founding fathers did by mass distributing pamphlets on the eve of the American Revolution.

We’re all tiny cogs in a huge mechanism of change and the process to reverse the course of the machine will be a long hard struggle, but Truth Rising is just one of the keys we need to enter the factory – and a very important one at that.

Truth Rising 9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising
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