David Simpson
The Washington Times
May 21, 2011

When terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon just outside Washington with airliners, the nation was stunned. While still in the process of recovering from the devastation, Congress created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), giving it the responsibility of security for all modes of transportation.

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The agency began with banning nail clippers, pocketknives and a host of other pocket items. When the “shoe bomber” attempted to blow up a plane with explosives hidden in his shoes, travelers were required to remove shoes and pass them through the X-ray machine. Then, when a terrorist on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit attempted to blow up a plane with explosives hidden in his underwear, the “pat-down” procedures dictated that TSA screeners reach inside pants and up skirts. I shudder to think what is next. What will the TSA require if a terrorist attempts to blow up a plane with explosives hidden in a body cavity?

There are numerous reports and videos of TSA agents feeling with their hands and fingers in between, around and under women’s breasts, between men’s and women’s legs, and even repeatedly touching groins and genitals. Recently at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, former Miss USA Susie Castillo was brought to tears after she said she was violated repeatedly by a TSA agent.

Sadly, Washington’s present security policy accomplishes much of our enemy’s agenda – it deprives our people of freedom and dignity and places innocent Americans in constant fear. Now travelers are scared not only of bombs but also of TSA agents who search every part of their bodies, sometimes bringing them to tears of outrage. The TSA’s intrusive and offensive searches reach beyond where our enemies themselves could. In the name of stopping terrorists, agents of our federal government are terrorizing, demeaning and violating law-abiding citizens by the thousands.

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