Boarding a Southwest flight out of Omaha, Nebraska, Alex Jones experienced TSA harassment in response to a jar of concord grape jelly in his luggage. After the incident at the airport, he filed the following report:

Such absurd incidents are now commonplace in America as the state continues its effort to erode liberty and condition the populace under the pretext of national security.

Numerous reports and investigations have repeatedly demonstrated that intrusive searches and full body scanners do not detect and counteract terrorists.

Instead, they are employed to cow and intimidate the American people and acclimate them to the increasingly obtrusive presence of a police state.

In 2013 a clerk at the US Court of Appeals inadvertently released a classified document produced by TSA Civil Aviation Threat Assessments that admits there are no credible terrorist threats to civil aviation and intrusive searches are not required.

The document points out that no terrorist has attempted to bring explosives onto an aircraft via a U.S. airport in 35 years and the use of explosives on aircraft around the world is extremely rare.

Moreover, the government admits there have been no attempted domestic hijackings of any kind since 9/11 and it “would be difficult to repeat a 9/11-type attack due to strengthened cockpit doors and passengers’ willingness to challenge would-be hijackers,” writes Robert Poole of Reason Foundation.

Ongoing TSA violations of liberty are designed to condition the American people — under the rubric of a virtually nonexistent terror threat — to surrender their Fourth Amendment right protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

A technocratic police state cannot function effectively within the context of the Bill of Rights and the previously held precept that individuals are endowed with natural rights free from predations by the state.

On today’s broadcast Alex will cover his experience at the hands of the TSA and a range of other important issues. Be sure to tune in at 11 AM EST.

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