Mickey McCarter
January 3, 2012

The year 2012 set a record for the number of guns confiscated by airport screeners at passenger security checkpoints.

As of last Friday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported confiscating about 1,527 firearms at US airport checkpoints, up from 1,320 in 2011 (which in turn was up from 1,123 in 2010). Exactly 1,295 of the confiscated guns, or roughly 85 percent, were loaded, according to TSA.

TSA attributes the vast majority of firearms confiscated at checkpoints to forgetfulness on the part of airline passengers, who forget they have put a weapon in their luggage before attempting to board a plane.

Friday, TSA blogger Bob Burns explained TSA publicizes the number of firearms it discovers partly to remind the public that it is against the law to carry guns, loaded or not, onto a plane.

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