Award-winning videographer Sean Malone had a raygun belt buckle confiscated recently by the good folks at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You know, because all of the 9/11 hijackers were packing rayguns or something.

Malone emails that the pinch happened at LAX:

Same thing almost happened at DCA on my way out to Los Angeles on Sunday, but I argued with them until I got a high enough level supervisor to get it back.

Didn’t have time this morning to fight it because I was already late for boarding when it started.

They called it a “replica” of a weapon….

PS. Here is what I wrote on FB Sunday when they tried to take it at DCA:

Now that I’m in a restaurant in Philly, I have time to share more of the stupidity. First, they did a bag check, which happens to me every time I fly anyway, so who cares. When I walked over, the guy said, “Yeah, there’s something in there that’s kind of shaped like a gun,” to which I replied, “Yeah. It’s a belt buckle.”…

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