The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is often chided for its security theater, but whatever happens at the checkpoint tends to stay at the checkpoint. Not so for one unfortunate woman who characterizes the agency as “relentless.”

The TSA is threatening to take Mary Hostein to court if she doesn’t pay a $2,000 fine. For apple butter. Or, more specifically, trying to take apple butter through a checkpoint twice at the Charlotte, North Carolina airport. From The Week:

“Hostein didn’t think that the near-solid spread counted as a liquid subject to the TSA’s 3-ounce limit, so she tried to take her jar through two different TSA lines — a decision the TSA claims indicates her intent to break the rules.”

In a separate incident, Acting Director of Federal Security Sean SanRoman’s daughter got escorted through a TSA pre-check line without any documentation or identification. She also made it into a classroom where classified information was presented as well as the tarmac. The escorting TSA officer Ariel Suarez was found not to have breached security, but a whistleblower case is ongoing.

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