Amy Alkon
November 26, 2012

At LAX, when we were leaving for Paris, my boyfriend Gregg saw the TSA letting airport workers through the metal detector ungroped and unscanned. “What happened was, I was next to the ‘toaster oven’ and the mag detector, and four people were let through the mag detector,” Gregg, who was selected for the scanning/government-inflicted ball-grope, told me.

Gregg said to the TSA guy, “Why do they get to go through there?” (Meaning, they didn’t have to go through the scanner or get groped; they just got to go through the metal detector.)

The TSA guy said to Gregg, “Because they work here.”

Right. And the low-wage worker serving your fries could never be bribed to smuggle something into the airport.

Of course, as somebody pointed out in my blog comments, terrorists are not attacking malls or buses, and that isn’t because everybody going into the mall bends over so a mall cop can see they don’t have a bomb up their booty.

It is possible somebody will blow up a plane at some point — or blow up the sheeple standing in line waiting to politely give up their Fourth Amendment right not to be searched without reasonable suspicion they’ve committed or about to commit a crime.

It is likely, if we give over our rights for “security,” that we will neither have security nor rights before long.
November 26, 2012

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