Teri Webster
November 18, 2012

Click here to download – print and hand out this flyer!

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will face some push-back during the big Thanksgiving travel week, as part of the Alex-Jones-ordered “Opt Out and Film Week.”

From Nov. 19 through Nov. 26, Jones is encouraging travelers to refuse to go through the radiation-laden body scanners. They should also film the invasive body pat-down that will likely ensue if they decide to opt-out.

The movement is designed to expose the practices of the TSA and help preserve basic human rights while traveling.

Some of the abuses of the TSA chronicled recent months include manhandling children, the elderly, severely ill and disabled passengers; stealing from passengers, testing drinks that travelers purchased inside airports and ordering travelers to freeze on command.

Infowars.com gives the following reasons to participate in the opt-out movement:

*Protesting the increased cancer risks and possible DNA damages associated with backscatter body scanners.

*The TSA has no right to take, transmit and file X-ray photographs that reduce travelers to naked pieces of documentation.

*The TSA is more interested in teaching you to submit to authority than teaching you the importance of airport security.

Jones and his crew have provided flyers to be printed out and used for the week-long event.

In a prepared statement, Jones said:

“Infowars is pioneering a new civil rights movement that is not based around race, sex or any other minority issue. The fact that our rights are being violated and characterized as suspicious and terroristic threatens the freedom of every individual, no matter from what what race, gender or creed they originate.

We are being systematically intimidated out of expressing our right to free speech as part of the advancement towards a new dark age of tyranny.”

Jones cautioned participants that even though it is technically legal to film the TSA, participants can expect to face harassment or arrest for standing up to the agency.

In 2010, the TSA shut off the body scanner machines nation-wide after citizens planned an opt-out protest. Jones has said that proves the system is not based on real security concerns, but serves as a mechanism to humiliate and domesticate the American public.

The TSA is already removing some of the body scanners from airports. Part of the reason for the removal of the machines is the naked images they produce, according to USA Today.

Please go to infowars.com/optout or visit the campaign’s Facebook page to get involved in the effort which begins on Monday and throughout Thanksgiving week. It is crucial that you film your TSA encounter and upload the video to You Tube with the tag ‘opt out’ or with ‘TSA Opt Out’ somewhere in the headline. Please email your video links to [email protected] and they will be featured on Infowars.com.

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