Rape victim has genitals groped for opting out

Paul Joseph Watson
November 19, 2012

People traveling through the United States have a right to opt out of the dangerous body scanners. However, we have encountered numerous instances of TSA workers implying or outright lying in telling people they have to go through the scanner even if they try to opt out. Another case of this has been sent to us via email, which is reprinted in full below. The incident occurred at Portland International Airport.

I observed several people going through the standard metal detector. About 1 of 10 when asked went through the body scanner. For the past several years I have had a choice about going through the body scanner and this time I did not. The TSA official pointed to me and said I had to go through the body scanner. I said I chose not to and to go through regular one. He got menacing and hostile and said ‘are you refusing to go through the body scanner? Then you have to do a pat down.’ I said I didn’t want to do either. He separated me from my belongings (which) easily could have gotten stolen. A few officials came over to pat me down. I felt like they were trying to influence my behavior and train me. Because you wouldn’t comply you will be punished and we won’t tell you what we are going to do right now.

I felt very threatened and completely entrapped. I was caught with no options and no one would tell me what was to happen. I feared sexual abuse and molestation and started to sob as I already felt so violated and invaded and trapped. Eventually they did the pat down. My vagina was touched and my breasts were touched. This was completely unacceptable and a violation of my boundaries and rights and illegal. And I was sobbing because I was suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being raped. It was a horrible horrible experience….I called a friend and asked her to meet me and tape me but I couldn’t get a hold of her. Worst thing was no one in the airport seemed to even notice or care.

The fact this this rape victim had her genitals groped after refusing the body scan is consistent with previous examples of the TSA punishing people for legally opting out of the scanner by physically assaulting their private parts

On a related issue, the TSA has officially acknowledged that it is “aware of the Opt Out and Film week”. While the federal agency admits travelers are perfectly within their rights to film TSA security procedures, the TSA Blog adds, ” While the TSA does not prohibit photographs at screening locations, local laws, state statutes, or local ordinances may.”

In reality, in the context of filming police officers (a level of law enforcement which TSA agents don’t even come near), court rulings have found time and time again that Americans have a right to film the police and indeed any figure of “authority” under the First Amendment.

Go to http://infowars.com/optout to get involved in the Opt Out and Film week. Stand up for your rights now and let the TSA know that they are not our masters, they are our servants.

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