Bart Jansen
USA Today
February 24, 2014


The TSA manifests a pervert culture. Credit: pironimo / Flickr
The TSA manifests a pervert culture. Credit: pironimo / Flickr

As the program grows, security experts question whether it is thorough enough. And privacy experts warn against giving up personal information in exchange for a faster trip through the checkpoint.

“Either the assessments will be based on a laughable amount of information about people and will only be providing an illusion of security, or they will be so intrusive that the government will basically be doing background checks on everyone who flies,” said Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union’s speech, privacy and technology project.

Pre-check began at four airports as a program for frequent fliers on specific airlines. But it has expanded to 116 airports, and expedited screening now covers children up to 12 years or travelers at least 75 years old, airline crew members and members of the military, even without the Pre-check background check.

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