Hundreds more highway deaths caused by travelers’ refusal to fly

Paul Joseph Watson
November 19, 2012

As the Opt Out and Film campaign gets underway this week, research highlighted by Bloomberg Businessweek has uncovered the fact that TSA security procedures are actually killing Americans in greater numbers than terrorists could dream of, by resulting in more people dying in car accidents because of their refusal to fly.

“There is lethal collateral damage associated with all this spending on airline security—namely, the inconvenience of air travel is pushing more people onto the roads,” writes Charles Kenny.

Kenny slams the federal agency for failing to catch a single terrorist, noting that “The TSA’s major role appears to be to make plane trips more unpleasant.”

He points to studies we have highlighted before by John Mueller and Mark Stewart of Ohio State and the University of Newcastle, showing that the threat posed by terrorist is akin to the threat posed by bathtubs, accident-causing deer and bee stings.

Invasive TSA security procedures have done zero to save lives, have cost billions of dollars and have eviscerated the very freedoms we were told the terrorists attacked us because they hated. Indeed, as Kenny explains, the TSA is in fact killing more Americans by forcing them to drive rather than the far safer method of flying.

“Compare the dangers of air travel to those of driving. To make flying as dangerous as using a car, a four-plane disaster on the scale of 9/11 would have to occur every month, according to analysis published in the American Scientist. Researchers at Cornell University suggest that people switching from air to road transportation in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks led to an increase of 242 driving fatalities per month—which means that a lot more people died on the roads as an indirect result of 9/11 than died from being on the planes that terrible day. They also suggest that enhanced domestic baggage screening alone reduced passenger volume by about 5 percent in the five years after 9/11, and the substitution of driving for flying by those seeking to avoid security hassles over that period resulted in more than 100 road fatalities,” he writes.

However, this is not the only way in which the TSA’s policies are killing Americans. The agency’s introduction of x-ray body scanners has ensured that someone who passes through them just once has an equal chance of getting cancer than they do being killed by a terrorist. A frequent flier would therefore be infinitely more likely to be killed by the body scanner supposed to protect them from terrorists than the actual terrorists themselves.

The sheer danger and pointlessness of the body scanners (they can easily be fooled by sewing an object inside a side pocket), is just one reason why were are encouraging people to take part in this week’s Opt Out and Film campaign. For more information, go to


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