Texas shopper films TSA K9 agent in San Antonio mall

July 8, 2013

If more proof was needed that the DHS’s Transportation Security Administration is actively engaged in expanding beyond airport turnstiles and into the normal everyday lives of unsuspecting citizens, one need look no further than the Ingram Park Mall in San Antonio.

Yesterday, a reader sent us a somewhat startling video depicting a TSA agent handling a dog inside of your typical neighborhood shopping mall, where terrorists may be looking to sack illustrious symbols of American freedom such as the Disney Store, T-Mobile or Verizon kiosks, or the always-patriotic FootAction.

In his email, the reader explained that mall management expressed they were merely providing the DHS and TSA “a place to train,” a disturbing affirmation in and of itself.

The brief video was shot two months ago and shows an agent dressed in a black getup with the words, “TSA K9,” emblazoned across the back of her shirt.

While the clip is extremely brief, it speaks volumes to the proliferation of the federal agency beyond the borders of transportation, a trend that became noticeably prevalent last year and the year before when the TSA began providing security at Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney speaking engagements, as well as at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

We’ve also written extensively on how the TSA has predictably spread to highways, train stations, public buses and even high school prom nights throughout the country, and have conducted road and highway checkpoints in the form of VIPR teams.

Although one can argue the mall agent was merely inspecting the mobile transportation hubs where parents can lease strollers for their children (visible in the clip), it’s far more likely the TSA is easing into the everyday lives of citizens by gradually dissolving its affiliation with transportation and evolving into an ever-present domestic police force by dipping its toes into mundane facets of our lives, such as shopping malls.

Even though TSA workers are little more than federalized rent-a-cops who don’t even go through the training of real police officers, citizens are obliged to honor their requests to submit to invasive pat-downs, bizarre drink testing or whatever silly drill a particular agent is in the mood for that day.

Of course, given the results of a recent poll commissioned by Infowars indicating that a third of Americans would submit to a “TSA body cavity search,” the agency will probably face little to no public backlash for what amounts to basically treating citizens like they’re guilty until proven innocent.

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