House Panel to TSA: Stop Patting Down Beyonce, ‘She’s not going to blow a plane up’

Patrick Henningsen
June 28, 2012

It seems that some Americans are more deserving of freedom and liberty than others.

It seems that no bridge is too far for the Transport Security Authority (TSA), as they officially conform to the cult of sycophantic celebrity worship which has plagued our once great egalitarian society. Let’s put this new TSA social caste system to the test… 

As a system of control, the bedrock of it’s authority was first derived from the concept of collective safety, as it vowed to treat ‘everyone the same’ in their mission to protect Americans from a grave and present terror threat.

But according to Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), head of the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee, this is no longer the case. Rogers says, “There are certain people that are just so well-known that you’ve just got to use your common sense.”

“There’s certain people that are so well known, you just have to use common sense because if you start patting them down, people are gonna say ‘they’re patt’in down Beyonce‘, she’s not gonna blow a plane up,” explains Rogers.

 According to a Los Angeles Times article earlier this month, the esteemed House Committee also included others in this esteemed list of ‘recognizable’ public figures who are now deserving of a free pass, like Donald Rumsfeld and wanted international war criminal Henry Kissinger. This, they believe will ‘help to fix the TSA’s poor public image’.

We should really ask the question then: would Jeff Lewis qualify as a non-risk ‘celebrity’ according to the House Committee’s new-found TSA standards of social compartmentalization?

Jeff Lewis is nationally known a motivational speaker who travels around the country to share his inspiring story to Americans. Still however, even a quadruple amputee such as Arizona resident Jeff Lewis, is routinely stopped by the TSA, so that they can swab his artificial limbs for explosives. Take a look for yourself…

The case of Jeff Lewis is an extreme one, but he really is the canary in the coal mine, in terms of determining the health of a basic right in a free country… that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Another hallmark of a just and fair society is that minority rights are protected. Jeff Lewis has a unique health condition, one which should be seen as such. But in comparing Jeff Lewis with Beyonce, our police state rulers have decided only to protect the celebrity minority, and by this move they have defined them part of a new oligharchy.

If you receive a so-called ‘celebrity free pass’ with the TSA means that your basic First Amendment Rights have been observed and preserved. For our elected officials to say this only extends to celebrities and political insiders only, should be seen as an act of war against Americans.

If you stand them side by side, many civilians outside of Congress and the DHS would agree that it is Jeff Lewis who is more deserving of a ‘free pass’ than Beyonce.

The TSA claim that complaints filed against the agency are rare and in decline, according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security records, but it should also be common sense to understand that most Americans will not complain because:

1. They will not lodge a complaint on site for fear of missing their travel appointments and therefore leave any complaints dead in transit.

2.  Most Americans will not complain for fear of being included on an already million-person strong ‘no-fly’ list.

So please, save any tired old ‘customer care’ feedback speeches from the TSA administrators.

There are signs of progress, but in the end, it will be impossible to measure. The head TSA Administrator who testified to the House panel, John Pistole, claims the TSA has implemented less-intrusive screening methods for certain customers… including a recent decision to allow passengers 75 and older to leave their shoes and outerwear on as they pass through security.

That’s progress, according to the TSA.

Moral of the story: In this new police state, you are not as famous as Beyonce, a globalist operator, or political insider, you are nobody. So it’s important now to remember that you are nobody and that indeed, flying is a privilege – not a right (according to the ruling elite).

In the face of such tyranny in America, we cry out, “We are all celebrities now!”



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