I’ve often been accused of scaremongering over the last 18 months of trying to stop the world’s biggest trade deal. “Trust the European Commission”, I’ve been repeatedly told by members of the Government. “They’ve promised that our food standards won’t be undermined.”

Last week the truth slipped out. A senior European civil servant told a conference in the US that TTIP – or the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership – was already changing our food standards.

The deal’s negotiations have allegedly helped accelerate approval of new genetically modified products entering Europe. As a result, five new GMO products have recently been approved.

All of this leaves me alarmed but not surprised. In a briefing released today by Global Justice Now, other cases of health and safety concerns being “overcome” are highlighted. Like the 31 pesticides with ingredients linked to cancer and infertility, which the EU wanted to prohibit. That’s until the US warned politicians, again, that they were slowing down TTIP.

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