Tucker Carlson had some strong criticism of former FBI Director James Comey over his reaction to the release of the GOP memo.

Comey took to Twitter this afternoon and dismissed the significance of the memo’s findings.

His tweet didn’t sit well with Carlson.

“Former FBI Director Jim Comey took to Twitter today not to apologize for any of this or even to address the facts the memo raised, but to mock the release of the memo like the aspiring MSNBC contributor he apparently is,” Carlson said. “He didn’t bother to explain how it was ‘dishonest and misleading.’ Of course he didn’t. Comey, who leaked his notes on private meetings with the president in a petty revenge move after being fired, is now declaring it beyond the pale somehow for Congress to carry out its constitutional duties of oversight of the FBI. Comey apparently views the FBI as a fourth co-equal branch of government not subject to the other three. Suddenly a lot of people in Washington seem to agree with him.”

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