This is what happens when Ben Shapiro isn’t debating children…

Here’s the full interview:

And some highlights via Reddit:

Tucker: “Charles Murray’s 2 books [Bell Curve & Coming Apart] was one of the most brilliant books I’ve read in the past 20 years…”

Tucker: “When male wages decline below those of females, marriage formation declines along with it but childbirth does not… net effect is you have no families…”

Tucker: “If I was President .. I wouldn’t let driverless trucks on the road…”

Tucker: “We are on the cusp of a transformative revolution, and no one is trying to take control of it at all…”

Tucker: “The luddites are used for propaganda purposes to make the other side seem ludicrous.. but actually their concern is totally real…”

Here’s another highlight from CNS News where Tucker states plainly that “it is never true that diversity is your strength”:

Ben Shapiro: “But your viewpoint on diversity is basically, as I see it expressed in the book, that diversity is a neutral. It’s not good or bad inherently.”

Tucker Carlson: “It’s not a value.”

Shapiro: “It’s not a value.”

Carlson: “It’s a description.”

Shapiro: “Right. And so where do you see the conflict lying between right and left on that particular issue?”

Carlson: “Well, so, where I agree with you is that – while, as I’ve noted, I’m distrustful of complex ideologies – I do think that you need to start with certain things that you believe are true and act on them if you want to get to the place you desire to be.

“So, what I just noticed just as an American – and I’m not an intellectual, I’m a talk show host; so this is a very obvious thing – that our national motto has been redefined to its mirror image. So, of course, it was ‘Out of many, one,’ and now it is ‘Diversity is our strength.’

“So, I think it’s fair if you, without asking my consent, replace the core principle of our country, it’s fair for me to ask if that principle is worth organizing a country around. So, I just asked the obvious question, ‘Is diversity our strength?’ And of course, like so much they say, it’s not only untrue, it’s the opposite of what is true. It is never true that diversity is your strength. I’m for all kinds of diversity, but they’re not our strengths. In other words, is it true in your marriage: the less you have in common with your wife, the stronger your marriage is? ‘We don’t even speak the same language. That’s why we love each other so much.’ Is it true in your business? ‘We don’t know what we’re all doing here.’ Is it true in a military? No, it’s insane, actually. It’s the opposite, once again, of what is true, what is observably true.

“So, I just noted that. And by the way, at the same time I noted it – as I did 50 nights in the past 200 nights – I make the case explicitly against racism. Which is, you are not responsible for your immutable qualities. You can’t control your height, your hair color, your DNA, what your parents did. None of that is your fault, and you should not be punished for it or rewarded for it. That is an argument against racism – explicitly.

“And so, for that I’m a ‘racist!’ It’s like, no, you don’t understand. I’m arguing against all kinds of racism. I think it’s a really dangerous way to see the world.”

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