A report from CNN’s Brian Stelter on the mob that gathered outside Tucker Carlson‘s house––currently under police investigation––earned a fiery rebuke from Carlson himself.

Stelter’s report yesterday focuses on Carlson’s statement to the Washington Post about how “someone started throwing himself against the front door and actually cracked the front door.”

Stelter isn’t the only reporter that has covered this––the Post‘s Erik Wemple wrote this week about the lack of “corroborating evidence”––but he received a police statement on the matter:

Liberal critics of Carlson have cast doubt on that claim by saying there was no evidence of damage to the door. They have accused him of lying and exaggerating to score political points. So CNN contacted the D.C. police and asked about the door. The police report about the incident did not mention any damage on the door. Was there any sign that it was cracked, as Carlson claimed?

A police spokeswoman responded, “MPD did not observe any visible damage to the front door of the victim’s house the night of the incident.”

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