Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed Buzzfeed Editor-in-chief Ben Smith for excluding whites from a fellowship position within the organization, which US President Donald Trump has personally referred to as a “failing pile of garbage.”

Confronting Smith on the racist nature of the job opening, Carlson argued, “Recently, you had an open position for a ‘journalism fellowship’ and before you understood that your practices were barred by employment law, you opened it only to journalists of color. You barred people from that job on the basis of the color of their skin. If that’s not the textbook definition of racism, then maybe you can re-educate me as to what racism means.”

Tucker went on to ask, “The law stopped you from doing what you tried to do, which is exclude people from the job on the basis of their skin color. Why is that not racism? The law says it is. You didn’t think it was, but ethically, why is that ok with you?”

Smith’s response was simply, “I don’t think trying to bring out a diverse work force is racism. I do not see that as racist.”

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