Fox host Tucker Carlson slammed the federal government for lying to the American people about the importance of face masks during the coronavirus outbreak.

On his Monday program, Carlson pointed out face masks are helpful to prevent the spread and contraction of the disease, but explained government entities had been telling the public they “don’t work.”

Only later did Americans learn the government was merely attempting to protect the supply of face masks for health care workers.

“That’s why honesty is essential at times like this. When the government lies, people know,” Carlson said. “They can tell, and then they stop listening.”

Carlson went on to detail how the government could have announced that masks were important to protect the elderly and other vulnerable populations from coronavirus.

Instead we got tweets like this, from the US Surgeon General instructing people to “STOP BUYING MASKS!”

“But the government didn’t do that. Instead they told us lies. Dumb lies that anyone who thought about it for a second could see right through. They told the public, ‘You shouldn’t buy masks because masks don’t work.’”

Carlson also cited instruction from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which claimed masks were only necessary “for those who are sick or their caregivers.”

At this point, Carlson says, government bureaucracies and the mainstream media effectively “suggested believing in masks is some kind of superstition like not walking under ladders or being afraid of black cats. It’s insulting. It’s ridiculous. They are telling you masks don’t work unless you work at a hospital?”

“Of course masks work,” Carlson emphasized. “Everyone knows that. Dozens of research papers have proved it … We understand only certain people should get them … we get it. But stop lying to us because it makes us cynical. It divides the country. Tell the truth.”

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