Fox News host Tucker Carlson raised questions about Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s purported fear of flying during a wide-ranging monologue on Monday night.

Carlson said that last week Ford “told senators that she couldn’t come to Washington to testify because she was afraid to fly on airplanes.”

“This fear she explained is a direct result of being groped over her clothes by Brett Kavanaugh back in high school in the 80s,” Carlson said.

“As one of her friends told The Washington Post, airplane cabins remind Ford of the trauma, they’re quote, ‘the ultimate closed space where you cannot get away.’ ”

“But wait, is this true?” Carlson said. “Ford has relatives on the East Coast. According to published accounts, she’s been here recently. Did she drive back and forth to California every time she visited?”

“We don’t know,” he said. “Then last week, The New York Times reported that Ford did graduate work at the University of Hawaii. That’s on an island thousands of miles in the Pacific. How exactly did she get there?”

“Could it be possible that Ford’s claiming she can’t fly in order to delay the proceedings long enough that Brett Kavanaugh can’t be confirmed?” he said. “That might be something that the committee could ask her if she shows up on Thursday as she says she will.”

“They probably won’t ask her though,” Carlson said. “That would be victim shaming. She’s a woman, she’s telling the truth no matter what she says. Even when things she says turn out to be not true, they are still true by definition.”

As I noted on Saturday, Ford’s husband also said that after the 2016 election, Ford “went online to research other democracies where her family might settle, including New Zealand.”

On Sunday, Ford’s original letter to Dianne Feinstein was released and she said at the end she’s “currently vacationing in the mid-Atlantic.”

How did she get to all these exotic destinations and how did she envision getting to New Zealand if she’s too afraid to fly and is incapable of sleeping in a room without two exits?

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