This is one of the most important monologues Tucker Carlson has ever delivered.


Alex Jones exposes those responsible for amping up the violence in the streets of America resulting in the deaths of black cops.

The National Guard also came out this week just to bow to the mob:

This is a scene that happened in Bethesda, Maryland which is just next to DC. It’s one of the wealthiest places in the country and packed to the brim with highly (re)educated white liberals.

This is truly insane, cult-like behavior.

These are the same people
who were freaking out over the coronavirus two weeks ago

These people have convinced themselves they’re “fighting the system” while they have the backing of every major institution in America.

Leftists now think they’re fighting the man by banking with Bank of America:

All these corporations are coming out in support of these riots while cops are being
shot in the back of the head
run over in the streets by rioters

For the true believers, it doesn’t even matter because believing the media’s narrative is just an act of faith and a way to virtue signal you’re a “good person.”

Tucker Carlson is the only person on television addressing any of this and showing what’s really happening at these riots across the country.

The rest of the media is just lying about everything to further incite people.

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